Axigen's high-performance mail server is specifically built to provide you with fast & reliable messaging services, leveraging on advanced, proprietary architectures. To guarantee high quality solutions, Axigen is developing its own award-winning technology comprising the following concepts: Axigen GrowSecureTM architecture, Axigen Smart ProcessingTM email delivery, Axigen UltraStorageTM and Axigen MultiPlatform Architecture.


Axigen is an integrated email, calendaring & collaboration platform, masterfully built on advanced mail server technologies, for increased speed & security. Its innovative technologies make Axigen a compelling choice as messaging solution for Business & Service Providers, be it on-premise or hosted.


Axigen Business Messaging

Manage your email, organize & share calendars, synchronize your mobile, all based on this secure Windows & Linux mail server. A perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.

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Axigen Service Provider Messaging

Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for hundreds to millions of users.

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Axigen Free Mail Server

Power up your business with this free mail server: a great alternative to open source, with 100 email users & 5 calendaring users included.

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Axigen UltraStorageTM

Ensures an effective space management

Using a unique technology that allows storing messages in a special directory structure, Axigen guarantees an effective, fast email flow & optimized space-saving. This innovative storage architecture, doubled by similar queue architecture, with RAM cached index based access reduces I/O operations & disk access.

Axigen GrowSecureTM

Secures reception, transit & delivery of email

The Axigen messaging platform comes with an extensive, customizable security toolset. Messages can be filtered at server, domain or user level via a variety of filters, including AntiVirus / AntiSpam, Antispoofing (SPF authentication), DomainKeys & custom SIEVE scripts, Identity Confirmation Blacklisting, Whitelisting, Greylisting or Country Filtering. For extra email protection, Axigen can integrate with virtually any commercial security application.

Axigen SmartProcessingTM

Reduces email processing time to a minimum

Axigen incorporates a multi-threaded engine, which can break server activity into multiple parallel processing threads. This enables sysadmins to allocate a certain number of processing threads to specific modules (SMTP Receiving / WebMail / IMAP etc.). Running services can be configured in detail, at service, domain & account levels.

MultiPlatform Architecture

Makes Axigen available on both Linux & Windows

Axigen uses MPA (MultiPlatform Architecture), a cutting-edge technology that allows porting the Axigen server on multiple platforms while keeping the same set of features. This makes it possible to adapt the product to any demanded platform, while still guaranteeing stability, and makes it easier for users to switch to a different platform, whenever their requirements change.

EDU / GOV Support - Discount up to 50%

Axigen supports educational activities & the government sector by offering personalized deals & special discounts, tailored to fit their communication needs.


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