Vincent William

Vincent William, Operation Manager at Duta Cendana Mobilindo - Toyota Indonesia

"We have been using AXIGEN with no complains. The webmail features that they have is very handy. Their customer service is also very tactful. Highly recommended for businesses out there" -



1st Bambang Guritno

Bambang Guritno., PMP.
Information System Specialist, Senior Executive - Jakarta Indonesia
AXIGEN, this simple but powerful mail server finally terminated my E*ch*n*e Server in my previous company MANDALA AIRLINES. There's so many feature offered by AXIGEN that you'll gonna like it as a Mail Admin. But one thing I like from AXIGEN is that : Its very easy to be RECOVERED









Pandu Poluan

Pandu Poluan, IT Infrastructure Manager at Sophie Paris
Jakarta, Indonesia

"AXIGEN, unlike many of its competitors, started out as a Carrier-grade Email Solution (for ISPs), and it *scales*down* to Enterprise. It's not surprising then how its stability in my previous employment is outstanding, yet the price is cheaper than a more-well-known product from Microsoft, and it's mighty easy to perform backup and restore. Plus, it runs happily on Linux."



1st Muhamad Koswara

Muhamad Koswara, Pre Sales at PT Pro Sistimatika Automasi

Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia

"we use AXIGEN in one of our customers in the government sector. I ask PIC on that government, and he said "it's so easy to use and very handy".