Mailarchiva ISP EditionMailarchiva ISP Edition

Are you an ISP looking to provide hosted email archiving, discovery and compliance services to your customers?

The MailArchiva SPE product is specifically designed for hosting companies to offer email archiving services to their customers over the Internet.

What are some of the benefits of the MailArchiva Service Provider Edition product?

Centralized Deployment Centrally deploy new lightweight MailArchiva instances for your customers. Each instance can be created using pre-defined configuration templates.

Centralized Management Configure, manage and monitor multiple customer instances from one centralized interface.

Recurring Billing Model There is no need for an upfront commitment. We align our pricing model with yours. Pricing is charged per mailbox per month.

Competitive Pricing We enable you to provide a high end archiving solution at a low price to your customers.

Automated Billing You receive accurate monthly statements giving you a complete understanding of how much you need to charge your customers.

All MailArchiva Benefits The product has been reengineered so that almost all MailArchiva features can be served over the Internet.


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