To be the best assistant for the customer


Plan and develop facilities and appropriate infrastructure to support customers' business operations.



For several years, the Internet has grown very quickly and affects all the business side. Most of it has been driven by the growth Graphical Web Browser and information media that are supported by highly advanced equipment.

Today, the Internet development to be especially useful to all parties who use it. A website has a lot of information with good presentation, too. Information can be found easily and always up to date. Web site filled with information and dynamic is a big asset to users and providers of information itself.

The progress of the telecommunication technology especially in internet, has sparked a variety of national companies and multi-national to compete using the internet/intranet to improve company performance and their own business. Many companies are already using ERP and CRM to manage their internal information systems (MIS-Management Information System).

PT. Martunas Tamita Indonesia offer services and support for various aspect of information system and facilities to meet the customer need.

Companies that can manage the information well it will certainly have a good performance too.

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