PT Martunas Tamita Indonesia (MTI)

MTI specializes in designing, building and optimizing IT systems for Indonesian companies. Our range of services and solutions cover IT Consultancy and Training, Infrastructure Monitoring Development, Networking Monitoring and Optimizing, Data Storage Monitoring, Mail Servers, Security Systems, and Inventory Software. From requirements analysis to solution design, MTI offers support in all the phases of the project, planning and developing the infrastructures to sustain customers’ business goals and operations.

New Version : Axigen X1

Axigen X

X1 is Axigen X on steroids — its name stands for 1 noteworthy change in each relevant product area.


Synchronize all your calendars with your computers and mobile devices via the newly introduced CalDAV support.

Axigen X-1

AXIGEN - An Innovative Messaging Solution for Enterprises and Service Providers of All Sizes

"We have been using AXIGEN with no complains. The webmail features that they have is very handy. Their customer service is also very tactful. Highly recommended for businesses out there"

Testimony by : Vincent William, Operation Manager at Duta Cendana Mobilindo -